Santorini Theofanis - Our kitchen

For more than 30 years, the family tavern Theofanis in Akrotiri, has been serving authentic Greek cuisine, using only pure ingredients from the land and sea of Santorini. Our menu includes the typical local dishes, but also creative and special ones.

The raw materials that arrive in our kitchen are the local products, such as the cherry tomatoes and the “katsouni” (=waterless cucumber). We produce our own “chloro” cheese and we make our broths for cooking from chicken or shrimp. Nothing standardized, all in hand! The rich menu of Theofanis includes fish and seafood dishes, like sea bream, sea bass, octopus, risotto with cuttlefish ink, shrimp barley with tomato sauce and basil, and more.

The typical Santorinian fava is served with caramelized octopus and satisfies the most demanding palates. Like the white eggplants rolls, stuffed with mozzarella and tomato sauce. Food lovers also choose the buffalo burger, the pork tenderloin and the slowly baked pork shank. The new entry quinoa salad with roasted sardines and the “ntakos” with tomato tartar and feta mousse are not to be missed! Our chef and his crew are constantly experimenting. That’s how the delicious little shrimp burgers were created!

Great emphasis has also been put on hand-made sweet desserts. You can choose among the Banoffee with biscuit base, caramel, fresh bananas and white chocolate whipped cream and the cheesecake with grated biscuit, Philadelphia cream cheese and chocolate mousse syrup or strawberry syrup. We also make traditional “baklava” with almonds, amazing orange and chocolate pies, served with ice cream, and finally an amazing “ekmek” with sour cherry!

The family tavern Theofanis has a year long history in the dining field. The olds passed down the knowledge, and in turn, the next generation enriched the menu with creativity and imagination, turning traditional Greek recipes into fascinating dishes, and Theofanis tavern the ultimate place to dine in Santorini!