Santorini Theofanis - Akrotiri

Castelli (Castle of Akrotiri)

The village of Akrotiri is of great importance and an interesting pole of attraction in Santorini, mainly because of the visitable prehistoric site which lays there. On top of Akrotiri hill stands the tower of the “Castelli”, one of the five castles of the island that flourished during the Venetian period. 

Back then, in medieval times, the castle was called “Punta” or “La Ponta” which means “top” in medieval Italian. The castle was built in 1335 and a year later it was given to the Gozzadini family by the Duke of Naxos, Nicolas Sanudo. The Gozzadini came from Bologna, Italy. The strong defensive position of the castle allowed Gozzadini to have it in their possession for a long time, even in the first decades of the occupation of the island by the Turks, in whose hands it fell in 1617 (while the rest of the island was occupied by 1566).

In the middle of the settlement was the “Goulas”, the Tower of Akrotiti. After the earthquake in 1956, it was severely damaged, which is why it has now a different physical form from the original. 

Since 2012, the Castle of Akrotiri hosts on top, in Goula, a museum and workshop of traditional instruments. And it is quite often that special events are organized there, with music from around the world causing the attention of locals and visitors.